Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

Bubble & Squeak

My newest "baby", Bubble and Squeak, smelling of the L*sh brand type American Cream. Gorgeous!!

Montag, 23. August 2010

Pixie Dust

A magical blend of sweet strawberries, plums and pears, sprinkled with sugar - sweet and fun and fabulous!

Aurora Borealis - My first Swirl

Aurora Borealis, my first swirl soap in pink, violet, blue and green. A beautiful ethereal blend of pine, spruce, fern, ozone, amber, musk and light spice on a background of powdery vanilla.

Freitag, 20. August 2010

Aurora Borealis - My first Swirl

Tadaaa, my first Swirl Soap, smelling of a very warm scent called Aurora Borealis, I am very proud so far and can't wait to get it out the mould

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Better than Sex

This is my absolute favourite soap so far, made with real dark chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and fresh cream, smelling of chocolate, marzipan, vanilla, cream and the pink topping smells of raspberry, gorgeous!!!

Spicy Leather

A soap made for my Dads birthday, smelling of his perfume "Tabac", coloured only with cocoa powder so it should get darker in the next weeks.

Little Princess

As my daughters love the Little Princess Cartoons they've chosen this soap, smelling really fantastic of apple, pear and kiwi.

It's proper lavender coloured (not like on the pic) and please note the fairy dust on top!

Sweethearts Sugar Scrub

I made these last night and think they turned out really pretty:


Sugar scrub hearts smelling of Strawberry & Cream made out of finest handmade soap, palm tree oil, soy oil and white sugar.

To use them simply take one scrub into the shower, knead with a little water in the palm of your hand and scrub over your skin.

It will gently cleanse your skin and leave it incredibly soft, you will need no body lotion!

Spicy Pumpkin

That's my newest "baby", all fresh so the colours might get a bit darker and it should be ready to use in October.

Spicy Pumpkin, with Almond Oil and real cocoa powder, smelling a bit of cinnamon, pepper, vanilla and very warm and autumny!

Peach Melba Soap

A gorgeous smelling Raspberry Soap with a Peach layer!

Chocolate Mint

Yes it does smell of chocolate and especially of mint, unfortunately I can't stand Mint so it's not gonna be my favourite soap! lol

It's made with real dark chocolate, cocoa powder and almond oil.


As requested by my daughter Shona

Sweet Woodruff

An absolutely gorgeous smelling, pale green soap smelling of woodruff!

Mummy's Sweetheart

This is the soap I've made with my mum (she's chosen the the scent and colours and stuff ), made with really expensive oils, silk powder and a bit of Quark!

Smelling of a Lush duplicate called Flying Squirrel, unfortunately I don't know how the original is called but it's smelling very powdery of flowers!


This soap is smelling of Marzipan, Oak, Milk and a slight hint of cherry.

Little Miss Sunshine

A delicious smelling Mango Soap

Raspberry Delight Reloaded

Smelling of Raspberry and Double Cream

Pink Princess

This pink soap is smelling of Strawberry, Joghurt and Pink Candy Fluff, decorated with real Swarovski Crystals

Bath Cupcakes

Fizzy Bath Cupcakes, the bottom bit is smelling of Chocolate, made with real cocoa powder, the pink topping is smelling of Cherry and the purple one of Plum Pie

Cloud 9

A super soft soap, smelling of Fresh Cotton

A Kiss from a Rose

This soap is made with real silk and smelling of English Roses

Honey Bee Mine

A delicious smelling soap made with real honey and smelling of Scottish Blossom Honey!


A kitchen soap, eliminating garlic and onion smell of your hands and making them super soft with the finest oils and mascarpone cheese.

Smelling and made out of coffee!

Raspberry Delight

My very first soap and one of my alltime favourites: Raspberry Delight, smelling of Raspberry and Double Cream.

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Welcome to my new Blog!

It's taken some time but I can now proudly present my new Blog SOAPING BEAUTY where I can show you all my soaps and bathing stuff I am producing in my little soap kitchen.

I absolutely love this new name and as it was Kelly Smith's idea she will get loads of soaps from me, thank you!!! xxx

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop a line!

Eva xxx